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  •  Embedded training in chennai
  •  Embedded training in chennai
  •  Embedded training in chennai
  •  Embedded training in chennai
  •  Embedded training in chennai
  •  embedded training in chennai
  •  Embedded training in chennai
  •  embedded training in Chennai
  •  embedded training in Chennai
  •  embedded training in Chennai
  •  embedded training in Chennai
  •  embedded training in Chennai
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  •  embedded training in Chennai
  •  VLSI Training in chennai
  •  VLSI training  in Chennai
  •  VLSI training in chennai

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VLSI Design Training

Students will learn the fundamental constructs of VERILOG and VHDL Hardware Description Language. Learning these languages forms the first step into the world of VLSI design training.

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embedded training in chennai

Embedded System Training in Chennai :

In the Embedded training course, study of the basics of embedded system hardware and microcode design is covered. Problems like embedded processor selection, hardware/software, micro controller, glue logic, circuit design, circuit layout, circuit debugging, development tools, code design, code style, and code debugging are the important aspects to be dealt with. The study also includes standard micro controllers such as Intel 8051,PIC, AVR, ARM ARM Cortex, Arduino etc. The course culminates with a project which would greatly firm up the knowledge and the skills of students in embedded system training in Chennai at Wiztech Automation, Anna Nagar. Learning is also supplemented with certain guest lecturers of embedded system engineers from industry.

Wiztech has thus become a One-stop-location for any kind of Training, Servicing and other assignments in Automation, VLSI, Embedded Systems, IT and Web based requirements of cross section of clients. Wiztech Automation is a renowned training Centre which offers comprehensive training programs in Embedded and VLSI systems with a strong base of real-time trainers with proven expertise in varied technology domains. We follow a customized curriculum to fulfill career objectives of the students as well as professionals. Our students gain in-depth understanding of the course knowledge and skills in a highly practical manner.

Wiztech Automation aims to emerge as an outstanding provider of embedded training in Chennai and expertise to its students with career-enriching-quality and experience in the training processes and direct all their endeavors to enable its students excel through the knowledge and the skills that they acquire at Wiztech Automation. Wiztech shall always ensure in the process that quality-assured and affordable. training courses are within the reach of the student community.

Wiztech Automation - Best Embedded System Training Institute in Chennai

Wiztech Automation trained a Well Experience to its students during Embedded System Training in Chennai, through its infrastructure & the facilities apart from the qualitative training provided by qualified and expert trainers. We are very knowledge and our classes are very comfortable, staffs will be available at any time, at day during office hours. This makes us feel free to come class at any time. Completely Wiztech is doing great and they are providing a good platform in Embedded System. After the students complete their Embedded SystemTraining, the students are certified in the course completion and are also provided placement for job opportunities. While on Embedded System Training, the students who hail from outside Chennai city and also outside Tamil Nadu are provided free Accommodation.

Projects for Academic & Industrial

Wiztech Automation Solutions provides 100% output guaranteed projects for M.E, B.E, Diploma Student. Embedded system has the wide variety of applications in Consumer electronics, home automation and industrial automation. Artificial intelligence had shrink the world within a small size black chip. Wiztech team supports you to do your project in this tremendous field on your own and let you know the spider's web in Hardware and Software. Fore Arm Robots are ready to give hands for you to rise up your career. So, on completion of your project you will become familiar with software and microchip which makes the world into micro world.

Advanced Embedded System Training in Chennai

Embedded system is the process of merging software with hardware in order to do a specific task. Now a day's Embedded system has tee variety of applications such as consumer electronics, Home automation and industrial automation. This world is ready to open the red carpet for this ultimate field. If you ready to automate the world, your career will get starts in WIZTECH!

Need for Computer Languages & Samples
C Languages preliminaries Input-Output
Pre-Processor commands
Operators and Expressions
Storage Classes
Arrays & Strings
File Structures
File Handling
8051 Series
PIC Series
AVR Series
ARM 7/9
IDE and Simulators
MPLAB 8.33
KEIL Uvision 3&4
AVR Studio
Circuit Wizard
Port programming & led interfacing
Seven segment display
Linear Keyboard
Matrix Keyboard
Alphanumeric LCD
Interfacing and making Graphics for 128*64 GLCD
DC Motor
Stepper Motor
Servo Motor
Watchdog timer
Timer & Counter
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
Inter integrated Circuits (I2C)
Controller Area Network (CAN)
Types of RTS,Kernel - Types, Components, Scheduling, Characteristics,
Semaphores Multitasking techniques,
States Dadlock, Priority inversion, Inheritance, Ceiling.

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  • embedded training in Chennai
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  • Embedded training in chennai

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embedded training in chennai embedded training in chennai      embedded training in chennai

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