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About Us

Wiztech Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a frontline Organization focused on imparting quality training to the newly graduated engineers and also those employed in industrial units, who look for skill up-gradation. Wiztech Is an ISO & IAO certified organization, established in the year 2006 with the company's directors focused on the mission to engage their time and energies to develop facilities for providing quality training to inculcate employable engineering skills. The company sensed early that the future in the engineering industry lies more focused on automation and the need for a quality oriented training base where students acquire thorough conceptual knowledge together with practical hands on experience in the field of industrial automation was felt. Post training, the successful candidates would thus be ready for absorption in the cross section of the industrial landscape.

The directors of the company are consistently focused on all the requirements leading to creation of facilities in the training arena. The company is aware that the changing and modified technological developments in the field of industrial automation call for knowledge up-gradation and also infra-structure & lab related facilities so that the faculty members could keep the students abreast of the latest developments in accordance with the changing and advancing needs. The very fact that Wiztech Automation Solutions stands in the frontline among the training organizations in industrial automation speaks about the company's continued search for technological advancements that are happening in industrial automation.

Automation and the changing world

Automation has been a buzzword for decades. Emerging in 60s of last century, the automation in industry grew in its applications and size steadily. The industry was thus able to catch up with the magnitude of the ever increasing & critical demands of the consumers thirst. The thirst has not ended and the impact of automation also got into the products that consumers use. That is, from production lines of the industry the influence of automation got into the individual products that are produced through the embedded systems enabling automation within the products. Embedded system technology thus ideally fulfilled the demand. To facilitate reach of varied activities simultaneously supporting the ending demand for speed, the automation technology saw great transformation. Embedded systems which crept into the technology of the products also saw transformation in it. The advancement in technology is continuing with every passing day leaving great expectations for future. 'Embedded Systems' is thus an important field that the engineers need to be well versed with. Wiztech Automation had therefore fully equipped itself with the right facilities and well qualified and experienced faculty members to impart quality training and deliver expertise to the students in embedded systems.

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