Are the classes common for all students?

Are the classes common for all students?

Yes, the classes are common for Engineering, M.Sc., & B.Sc. students. But each student depending upon the basic qualification is focused upon individually by the faculty member. So students will have due attention individually.

4-bEmbedded training in chennai

In the Embedded training course, study of the basics of embedded system hardware and microcode design iscovered. Problems like embedded processor selection, hardware/software, micro controller, glue logic, circuit design, circuit layout, circuit debugging, development tools, code design, code style, and code debugging are the important aspects to be dealt with. The study also includes standard microcontrollers such as Intel 8051,PIC, AVR, ARM ARM Cotex, Arduino etc. The course culminates with a project which would greatly firm up the knowledge and the skills of students in embedded system training in Chennai at Wiztech Automation, Anna Nagar. Learning is also supplemented with certain guest lecturersof embedded system engineers from industry.
Wiztech has thus become a One-stop-location for any kind of Training, Servicing and other assignments in Automation, VLSI, Embedded Systems, IT and Web based requirements of cross section of clients.

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