Embedded C, C++ Training in Cochin Kerala

Leading Embedded C, C++ Training Centre in Kerala

Embedded C is an incorporated version with a set of language extensions for C programming as a language done by the standards committee for C to provide solutions to commonality issues which existed among different embedded systems. Embedded C includes a number of features not available in normal C Language but most of the syntax and semantics of standard C are used for Embedded C.

Embedded C++ is also called as EC++ which is a dialect of C++ language. Embedded C++ was found necessary to overcome the shortcomings of C++ when used for embedded applications. With minimum coding size maximum efficiency was the objective aimed at when Embedded C++ was developed.

Wiztech Automation, Kerala with its infrastructure, facilities and well qualified and experienced faculty members provide full-fledged & practical Embedded C & C++ training in Kerala to make the students of the institute professionals in the field. Flexible timings, 100% practicals, individual focus and placement for job opportunities are the special features of Wiztech Automation’s offer of Embedded C & C++ training in Kerala. Wiztech also provides free accommodation to the needy students.

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