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WIztech FAQ's

WIztech FAQ's

Question No.1 - Is Wiztech an established Institute to provide the best of training for the courses they are offering?

Answer - For an institute to be the best there are a few parameters which indicate the status of the institute.
One - The institute should have good infra-structure, facilities and the required lab support. Wiztech Automation is functioning in two locations in Anna Nagar, which is a prime area in Chennai. The two locations are within the vicinity of half-a-kilo metre. The square feet area of the two prime locations together is 10000 sq. ft., which is an expensive and difficult proposition in a metro city like Chennai. Both the locations have the right facilities and the supporting utilities apart from the industrial labs. Further, Wiztech Automation will be successfully completing 10 years shortly - which speaks about the steady and successful growth of the organization enjoying the good will of the students and also Automation industry.

Two - The faculty members should be well qualified and experienced. Wiztech Automation has well qualified and experienced faculty members, who are with the institute for years. The faculty members are experts in the field that they are attached to.

Three - The recognitions that the institute has. Wiztech is an IAO & ISO certified organization which speaks about the organization as an establishment with the mission, vision, Quality policy, plans & procedures of the organization, quality of training offered, etc.
The testimonials which are the feedback letters written to the company by the former students about the quality of training, assessments and certifications that they experienced. The feedback letters sent by the course-completed-students posted in the websites are the other testimonials which position Wiztech Automation in a high esteem.

Question No.2 - Which are the Courses for which Wiztech provides training?

Answer - Wiztech provides training for the complete range of Automation based courses - PLC, SCADA, DCS, HMI, VFD, VLSI, Embedded and also IT (.Net & Java based courses), Web designing, SEO.

Question No.3 - Does Wiztech provide individual focus on the students enrolled for training?

Answer - Wiztech provides individualized coaching only. For this, the student's pre-enrolment knowledge and skill levels are assessed at the time of joining to decide the course training and the methodology to be adopted.

Question No.4 - Does Wiztech provide suitable timings for the students to learn in their institute?

Answer - Wiztech provides the best of options to the students to decide their timings. Regular, part-time, week-end, fast-track, extended course durations and timings are offered to the students joining the institute and the students can choose the best one for them.

Question No.5 - Are the courses expensive at Wiztech and can the students afford to learn at Wiztech?

Answer - Wiztech, in fact, offers the best of comfort to the students in terms of the fees payable. While the overall Course fee is highly comparable in the field, Wiztech goes out of the way to help and support the students by way of the following options.
1. Offer based fees
2. Modules based fees
3. Revision based fees
4. Installment payments
The Course fee at Wiztech cannot therefore be matched by anybody in its attractive terms.

Question No.6 - Can the student get good skills by undergoing the Course Training?

Answer - Wiztech provides thorough conceptual knowledge and 100% practicals. It is highly impossible for students to be weak in skills, as the concepts and the theoretical part of the course would support them in their practicals. And focused practicals - which are given the most of importance - would make them skilled and their theoretical knowledge also will get further strengthened.

Question No.7 - Do you help out-station students providing any stay arrangements, as they will find the same the most difficult one?

Answer - Students from outside Chennai and also those from outside the state are offered free accommodation, so that they need not worry about their stay related problems and could concentrate fully in their course training.

Question No.8 - For students looking for jobs suitable to their qualifications do you help to get jobs after training?

Answer - In fact, all the courses that we offer at Wiztech Automation are "placement-after-training" based only. Wiztech offers placement for job opportunities after successful completion of the training in the domain chosen.

Question No.9 - What is the specialty about the training offered by Wiztech Automation?

Answer - InWiztech Automation Solution we provide
a) Thorough conceptual and detailed knowledge on a wider range of syllabus,
b) Large scope for hands-on practical learning experience,
c) Greater stress on placement based training,
d) Two Projects on each and every controller to put you through the experience,
e) Flexible & customized module training (short duration for different modules),
f) Flexible timings,
g) Economical fee structure and
h) Free Accommodation.

Question No.10 - What is the scope for embedded system training?

Answer - Embedded system is the combination of hardware and software. All the electronic components mainly work with embedded system. Students may not be aware of Multiple job opportunities in embedded system. There are many different companies /industries for embedded system. The companies which are marketing products involving electronic components like SAMSUNG, SEIMENS, BOSCH, FLEXTRONICS, and MOTOROLA have a large scope of operations in embedded system. And currently the list of companies / industries is expanding continuously. The scope of electronics in the industries and the products is therefore increasing at a rapid speed and is expected to take the market to an unbelievably large size. Embedded system has therefore very great demand for now & in future.

Question No.11 - Why engineers choose best embedded system training in Chennai?

Answer - After completion of engineering degree, students looking for good job opportunities in their core domain, search for organizations /Institutes offering quality training in the respective field, which will be immensely useful for getting jobs. Industrial employers look for candidates with thorough conceptual and detailed knowledge supported by perfected hands on experience with practical skills in embedded system. In Wiztech automation solutions we enable students have thorough & detailed knowledge in concepts and application areas, apart from the best practical training in the skills. If they complete such training in Chennai, they can be easily placed in Multinational companies. It is therefore that the engineers choose embedded training in Chennai at Wiztech Automation.

Question No.12 - What is the advantage that the students gain in choosing Wiztech automation for training?

Answer - The advantages of embedded system training in Chennai at Wiztech automation are:
1 Individual focus on each candidate
2 Thorough and detailed Conceptual knowledge
3 Greater stress on Practical training
4 Hands -on experience through training
5 In plant training / Project based assignments
6 Placement classes
7 Certification by ISO and IAO for the institute
8 Time flexibility
9 Free Accommodation

Question No.13 - Why is embedded system domain more preferred than other domains?

Answer - Embedded system is preferred more because the knowledge and the skills that the candidate gets will be involving both Hardware and Software. Further there are multiple job opportunities in Embedded system. In the other fields the knowledge is exclusive and does not enable extended learning.

Question No.14 - What is the future of the students after they are trained in embedded system?

Answer - The students getting their training in Wiztech will have a bright future. Since Wiztech Automation Solutions provides thorough and detailed knowledge both in Hardware and software, hands-on experience on practical & employable skills, this becomes possible. Since employers look for good domain knowledge, hands-on experience and practical skills, the candidates seeking job opportunities find training provided by Wiztech Automation as quite fulfilling. The atmosphere in Wiztech automation solutions will give the Industrial work experience. MNCs look for candidates who are thoroughly trained like we do at Wiztech. The future for the embedded system is great, as it is an expanding field based on the industrial demand which is increasing progressively.

Question No.15 - What do I gain in the field of Embedded system through the training in Wiztech automation?

Answer - You will get both detailed conceptual knowledge and practical hands on experience through the training course at Wiztech Automation. Use the link () to know the entire syllabus based aspects. You will find how the training at Wiztech is superior to others.
Wiztech always follows the syllabus that covers best of the current needs in Industrial Automation and what the industry thinks about the future. Wiztech sets challenges to itself at regular intervals and works to attain visible positive results. Wiztech thus has the habit of restructuring the syllabus from time to time and working to empower the candidates getting trained in an updated syllabus. So at Wiztech you are always in the frontline.

Question No.16 - What is the specialty about Wiztech?

Answer - Answer: The Specialty of training at Wiztech covers the following aspects:
1. No fixed classes for the students.
2. Classes are provided as per the convenient timings suitable to students.
3. No group / batch-based classes. Hence individuals are in a comfort zone to pursue what they want to learn, if they are unable to fit in the timings offered
4. Individual focus on students by the faculty. So, doubts can be clarified individually.
5. Fully practical oriented classes.
6. Due to individual focus there is no skipping of the classes.
7. Multi Projects will be provided individually for each controller.
8. Professionals will have the knowledge of developing projects of their own.

Question No.17 - What is the outcome of the embedded system training?

Answer - The outcome of the embedded system training in Wiztech Automation solution is the "Best Embedded system professional" with hands on working knowledge in both hardware and software. The candidates could develop their own projects. Thus their capabilities are built with solid foundation covering the basics to move on to more complex &multiple project environments.

Question No.18 - How many days will it take to complete this course?

Answer - The embedded system training in Chennai at Wiztech automationhas different modules with different course durations. For having more relevant information

Question No.19 - Where do I get placement, if I finish embedded system training?

Answer - The candidates completing the embedded system training successfully at Wiztech in Chennai will be placed in multinational companies. The knowledge & the hands on skills that we provide the candidates will make them ideally suitable for professional jobs in MNCs, like SAMSUNG, BOSCH, MOTOROLA etc.

Question No.20 - What are the timings for embedded system training at Wiztech?

Answer - Wiztech Automation provides flexible timings to students so that they can choose the timings suitable & convenient to them. This facility also provides individual focus on the students. The students therefore enjoy learning and the doubts and clarifications are comfortably handled by the professional faculty members.

Question No.21 - Are the classes available in weekends for embedded system?

Answer - Yes Of course, classes are provided in the weekends for students and the working people. So, all seven days are open for training to students. The training is suitable for B.E students, Graduates and Working professionals.

Question No.22 - I am working in a company. Can I come for training in evening every day?

Answer - You are welcome to attend evening classes for the training in Wiztech. The training is given on all the seven days and they happen in the evenings also. It is ideal for the working professionals.

Question No.23 - Are the classes common for all students?

Answer - Yes, the classes are common for Engineering, M.Sc., & B.Sc. students. But each student depending upon the basic qualification is focused upon individually by the faculty member. So students will have due attention individually.

Question No.24 - How many batches are available in embedded system?

Answer - Group or batch formats are not followed. The classes are carried out based on the individual student's qualification / knowledge / skill levels and the suitable timings for them. Student's convenience and requirement are the base for the constitution of classes. Individual focus is the highlight of the class formats.

Question No.25 - Is "Hands on training" available for embedded system training?

Answer - Yes, of course, "hands on training" is provided for each and every controller. Under each Controller multi projects are given. Hardware classes are taken for the projects. Students will have knowledge of hardware for each and every controller.

Question No.26 - What are the modules available in embedded system?

Answer - There are different modules for embedded system in Wiztech Automation solutions. To have more relevant details : Embedded Syllabus

Question No.27 - I am coming from long distance, Will you provide me Accommodation?

Answer - Wiztech Automation looks at the needs of the students coming from long distance. Considering their difficulty, the company provides free accommodation for them. This facility helps students coming from different districts or from other states to have their stay so that they can pursue their training in a peaceful and useful manner.

Question No.28 - I am a fresher completing my degree. How will you guide me to build my career?

Answer - Knowing your interest, passion and the current level of knowledge, we suggest to you the right course in embedded systems. Depending upon your interest and the requirement, we offer you training in Software or Hardware. If the interest is in both software and hardware, we offer the training accordingly. The course module that you would pursue will have thorough conceptual knowledge on all aspects and the practical and hands on experience in each of them. If you are interested in hardware or industrial automation we will provide you the PLC training. Our training specialization is also on software - Dot Net, C #, designing a chip, VLSI designing. Web designing is another special area that we cover in the training at Wiztech. We have all that you would need in automation to shape your career the way you want.

Question No.29 - Will you provide me placement based training?

Answer - Yes, of course that is our specialty & goal. We will provide you the placement training, every week in the classes. This augmented facility helps the students to get placed. Special training like G.D, Debates, C programming, HR rounds, Technical HR rounds, English Language Communication and Soft-skills are provided to the trainee-candidates.

Question No.30 - Are the timings fixed for the training in embedded system?

Answer - No, the timings are not fixed for the students. Flexible timings are provided to the students. So, they can come for training classes, as per their convenient timings suitably arranged.

Question No.31 - How many hardware classes are taken?

Answer - Daily hardware classes will be provided to the students. So, students in Wiztech automation solutions can acquire knowledge in both programming and hardware side by side. If they finish programming part they will be given the hardware for the particular session, so that they can interface hardware directly with their program.

Question No.32 - Can I do the individual project of my own after completion of this embedded course?

Answer - Yes, students in Wiztech automation solution can acquire knowledge and skills to be capable of doing projects of their own after the completion of the embedded system training. Since the training that we offer at Wiztech is industry / placement oriented, the trainee-candidates will receive adequate knowledge and skills to develop the projects of their own.

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